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Steve Henrie

Steve Henrie


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Steve Henrie

Dive Shop Owner / PADI IDC Staff Instructor

I was certified as an Open Water Diver in Cedar City, Utah back in 1995; I was 27 years old. After about six months of diving, I realized that I wanted/needed more training so I went back to my local dive center and took my Advanced Open Water training, completing it in November of 1996. Over the years, I went on to complete my training and become an Open Water Scuba Instructor. I have had the opportunity to dive in Cabo San Lucas, the Blue Hole in Belize, and countless lakes and quarries in Utah, Arizona, and California, including Lake Tahoe. I have been to Catalina and the Channel Islands countless times.

I love to see the look on our students’ faces when they breathe underwater for the first time, or when they have been struggling with a particular skill and then finally get it. The joy they get out of going to the ocean and really getting to see the underwater realm for the first time is an incredible feeling — for them and for me. I love teaching and sharing my passion for the ocean with everyone I meet. I could not think of a better way to spend my time than teaching others how to dive and showing them how to respect and protect our underwater world.

Kevin Lackey

PADI IDC Staff Instructor / Tech Deep Instructor / Trimix Diver

If you were to talk to my parents they would say, “We could never keep him out of the water.”  I have always loved ANY water—oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, pools, even a good mud puddle.   I also have the soul of an explorer—always wanting to know what is over the next hill or around the next bend.

Years ago, I combined my loves of water and exploring and started SCUBA diving.  Nothing compares to the incredible experience of exploring the underwater world.  In my quest for more adventure and knowledge, I progressed up the ranks of diving to become a Divemaster.  Later, I combined my 20+ years’ experience as an educator (middle school teacher) with diving and became a SCUBA Instructor.  Teaching people to safely explore the water world is what I truly love to do—from the basic Open Water class to the most advanced technical decompression diving.  Diving has changed my life!  I have gone to incredible places, seen wondrous things, met great people, all while getting to teach something I love.

Eric Schimon

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Mary Ann Godfrey-Jones

Master Scuba Diver Trainer